Sabtu, 25 Mac 2017

Najib Razak tidak tamat pengajian dia di universiti..!!

Najib tidak tamat pengajian dia di universiti. Sebab tu dia bodoh. Bodoh satu hal, jahat jadi pencuri, ini yang kita marah..!!

Najib-1MDB is real life Anak-ku Sazali

Najib's pants on fire. Najib did not graduate w B.Sc or B.A in Industrial Economics  in 1974, the year Tun Razak asked Najib to return to Msia, urgently as Tun Razak knew he didn't hv many years to live. he wanted his 1st son to enter politics as soon as possible. Tun Razak reasoned ......since Najib (a skirt chaser) wasn't serious in study n might not graduate anytime soon. Najib preferred to chase girls rather than his degree n future.

fast forward to 2003, the year Mahathir stepped down n Najib was appt'd DPM. now Najib had a real chance to get to the PM throne since Badawi was just a "seat warmer". Najib's PR dept then realised Najib's claim to a Nottingham U degree was false. that's when they contacted Nottingham U to buy a "honorary" degree in 2004. Najib did not hv a 1974 graduate photo. the best they cud do was 51+yo Najib pic dressed up in a graduation gown.

so what's the big deal abt a PM w no degree? Ghafar Baba was passed over many times bcos he got no degree. all the past PMs hv at least a graduate degree n Mahathir was the highest qualified with a medical degree. Spore's PMs all hv basic graduate degrees. after getting so close to the PM throne, Najib's Kabal masters r not to hv Najib overthrown bcos of a fake degree. hence they applied pressure on Nottingham U to confirm that Najib did graduate w an honour's degree. in return (besides funding) Najib allowed Nottingham to open up their branches in Msia. so Nottingham U is  nothing more than just high class prostitute-paper mills.

Najib has been a fake n a failure all his life. as PM he too will fail Malaysia ..... predicted in 2003. 12 yrs later .... in 2015 isn't true.

Najib's story is essentially the same story line of P Ramlee's 1956 movie, Anakku Sazali.
Najib seorang penipu sejak budak.  Najib equivalent of P Ramli's AnakKu Sazali. Tun Razak turning in his grave ...Anakku Najib-1MDB

Najib don't hv a graduation photo in 1974/75/76 ..... only in 2004 did U Nottingham award Najib "a bought degree".